It wont go without a few wires

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Get the dashboard fitted and wired in..... but wait....

You cant just bolt the dash in place.. what about the choke cable, heater cables, washer pipes and heater duct hoses these all have to go in at the same time.

Dash is waiting to go back in.. shame about the dust ! that will have to wait for another days cleaning.

I managed to track down a replacement twin carb fibreboard dash.

It just needed a few minor repairs and a repaint, though I have tried to replicate the speckled fifnish I was just not happy enough with the finish so I am leaving it matt black.

The new dash all made up with new dials and the glove box lid and ashtray now back to the original 'wisteria' colour.

The grey knobs were all cleaned and the white lettering repainted.

Anyone spot the deliberate mistake ???

Yes... I had fitted the ashtray front on upside down

Laughing never mind.....

With nearly all the wiring now complete I have got the refurbished steering column bolted back in place.

It was completely stripped, cleaned and re-assembled. Freshly painted alloy column cover and stalk cowls hide all the NOS brand new Lucas switches and horn assembly.

One small deveation away from the original dash setup.....

I am using an electric washer pump. The original push pump has been converted into an electric switch which operates a small electric pump tucked up under the dash out of sight.

You will never know looking at it from a normal view..... all looks original from here !!