Looking a bit more like a Herald

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With the body work now back from the paint shop it's a mad dash to get finished

It's all very glossy, everything is done except for one door !

and the first thing I have to do is drill 2 holes in it Cry.

The original bonnet was beyond repair so I got a 948 saloon bonnet, just the same except it did not have a chrome center trim down the bonnet.

The 948cc twin carb cars did, so it's out with the drill to fit the bonnet handle and trim.

First panel to go back on is the bootlid...

Just the number plate light, handle and stay to go on...

and at the front........

I can finally say.. 'That part is finished'

except for cleaning all the finger prints off... Laughing

7 years ago I had this........ "its getting there slowly".

Let me know what you think so far  here