Chassis and running gear

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A new chassis was found.......and it had already been rebuilt

The newly sourced chassis had been rebuilt by its previous owner and included all the suspension and running gear. It was originally yellow so it just needed dismantling and repainting before its rebuild

It was great to find a rebuilt chassis. It saved so much time and effort

All new parts had been fitted by the previous owner

I have just added just more original the alloy steering rack mounts

Close up of the rear axle set up

This is were I have made a slight detraction from the original specification. Fitting a swing spring from a 1500 spitfire will give better road handling and the 4:11 diff will help out on the longer journey's. I do intend to use the car and its not just for show

Engine finally in place

I found an original twin carb exhaust manifold. It scrubbed up well.

I am still deciding whether to fit an original steel exhaust system or a later stainless system from a 1200 herald.

Its not the original engine, its another 948 high compression engine from a coupe

The original is awaiting a full rebuild when I get time

All alloy gearbox should save some weight

Its not correct for this car as they were only fitted to the very early 59' heralds. Looks great though !!

New 1 1/8" S U carbs (nearly)

Original air intake box cleaned up well

Carbs were fully rebuilt by Andrew Turner

Apparently they are the same spec as Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite carbs

Gold parts are the same ones that are gold on the original engine

Twin bladed fans were only fitted on twin carb engined heralds. On the earlier cars even the engine blocks were painted gold

I wonder if it will start yet

I look back and wonder where I would have started with trying to repair the chassis

Job done nearly

Just the Monaco Blue paint to be done on the side rails and outriggers, the brakes to be assembled in the drums and the fuel and brake line to be fitted.