Bolting it all back together

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With both the body and the bulkhead now finished it time to start on the re-assembly

As with most herald/vitesse resto's its the pedal boxes and master cylinders that always seem to get bolt back on first. I have used home made gaskets to go between the brackets and the bulkhead. I have never liked the metal to metal original fitting.  

New master cylinders fitted...

and  YES ! I willbe fitting the correct alloy caps rather than the plastic ones that came with the new cylinders

All bolted back together with stainless steel fixings. I plan to use synthetic brake fluid rather than the corrosive dot 4 fluid.

Re-conditioned original wiper motor fitted

Master cylinder boots and brakes lines all fitted as well

Washer bottle is an early spitfire spec one, I just could not find an early herald one...just have to keep looking

Reconditioned and repainted smiths heater unit

Mounted on a totally rebuilt heater duct panel, on the early cars this was a seperate panel that is screwed in place, on later cars this panel became a composite part of the bulkhead. Yes... it is supposed to be black and not the body colour.

Just waiting for the wiring loom

I have got one.. I want to get the dash fitted before I get the bag of wiggly wires out.. may need some help for that bit..... car electrics are not my best forte'

internal heater box fitted as well, just waiting for the dash

Need to get on with it now.. the dust is starting to settle.

The tub is now bolted to the chassis and fitted up to the bulkead

All bolted down, but nothing is fixed permenantly, I will need to get the doors fitted and door gaps adjusted before it is all tightened down.

Rear tub floor screwed to the front bulkhead floor pans,

Not sure at the moment whether  will leave the stainless fixings this way or touch them in the body colour

and at the back end.....!!

All new light fittings and lenses trial fitted, along with the rear over riders. Just waiting on some more bits in the post before I can get them fitted once and for all.

Same on the other side...

Both rear over riders have been coated with 3 coats of waxoyl on the insides to help protect them for years to come. They are modern copies and not originals so the chrome quality will not be as good so the longer I can make them last the better

All stainless steel fixings have been used to bolt everything down

As I said before.. just undecided whether I should leave them as they are, or paint them body colour

Next job is to get the dash and the steering column fitted in place