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Rear body tub

The rear tub from the saloon now properly converted to a convertible

The boot floor all repaired as well

The correct header rail for a convertible has been transplanted from the original car

Boot.. fuel tank side

and the other side......

New wheel arches.. all the fixtures for the saloon have been removed

All traces of the saloon are gone

Up Front........

The saloon bonnet was completely rebuilt, though only the top has been rubbed back to bare metal then etch primed

The inner wheel arches have been treated with an anti stone chip underseal

The rest of the bonnet awaits a good rub down and then etch primer The 4 round marks are from anti drumming pads that the previous owner has stuck on

New panels throughout, except for the inner arches and bonnet top

New wings both sides along with outer arches

Same on the drivers side.

The mark of quality

The modern repro panels are very poor quality so I had to source original 'Stanpart' panels.

Every panel was taken apart and all replacements were refitted correctly