Originality Breeds Contempt !!!!!

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Just a few of the original items I have found, rocking horse poo or hens teeth, call them what you like, there are now getting harder to find

I am trying to rebuild the car with as much original spec stuff as possible, be it Stanpart or Lucas or any other manufacturer that Standard Triumph used.

Very early narrow radiator

A C flying saucer air filter

The UK market 948cc twin carb saloon, coupe and convertible all used this filter

The single carb filters had the air duct in the center, on the twin carb engines the duct was off center and had a bolt hole for an additional bracket that was fixed to the top of the engine head

Long peak headlamp cowls

Grey switch gear

All the 948 cars had grey switch gear as well as grey steering coloumns and steering wheels

Twin carb fibreboard dash.

Once again the twin carbs had something different to the single carb cars. This dash had a smaller 100mph speedo with a smaller water temp and fuel guage. The single carb dash was a larger single dial only

Stanpart radiator blind

Originally sold as a factory optional extra, for stopping to much cold air entering the radiator during winter driving.