Bodywork 'The Preparation'

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First thing is to prep the underside of the body tub and front bulkhead ready for painting

All the underside of the car is treated with 'anti-stonechip' coatings.

A textured coating for the main body tub and a smooth coating for the front bulkhead

I used a smooth finish 'anti-stonechip' for the underside and leading edge of the bulkhead

There is nothing worse than textured finished stonechip finish all up the front of the bulkhead

I coated the underside of the bulkhead with a smooth finish coating, once its top coated it hopefully will blend in without being too obvious

Primed and ready to go

The bulkhead all primed and the stonechip has blended in OK

From another angle

Underside of the main bodytub seam sealed and starting to be treated with a textured 'anti-stonechip' coating

2 coats of stonechip should protect it for years to come

All done !! a more aggresive underseal was used for the wheel arches

All the underseal is now done and ready for a primer coat prior to be top coated and fitted to the awaiting chassis