Next Stop the Paint Shop

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Well......I was going to paint the car myself, but a lack of time has forced me to bite the bullet and pay for it to be painted

The price has been agreed on the basis that I do some of the basic prep work, so I have to take the body parts to the paint shop in etch primer, they will then give it a final rub down and apply the paint. 2pack paint is going to be used but without the laquer top coat so it shouldn't look too glossy and keep its appearance for years to come.

All minor blemishes have been taken out (hopefully) and primed

Around 8 hours per side in preparation.

The inside will be painted as well as the outside.

For all the anoraks out there...this is the correct spare wheel well for the year of the car !!

My body work guru had to let in a donor one from another car of the same year

Now then....that's the body tub ready....where did I put that bonnet ??