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1960 Triumph Herald 948cc Convertible

I just thought I would share with you the saga of my endevours to rebuild one of the rarest Triumph Heralds. There are only a handfull of these cars known to be left in the UK and its taken me over five years to find one. Most of them are in this condition and awaiting major restoration.

This is the story of just one of them

A Brief History

Folowing on from the launch of the saloon and coupe models in 1959. The Standard Triumph Motor Company decided in late 1960 to build a convertible version of their popular Triumph Herald

Bodywork Pages

This is where I will keep you informed on the trials and tribulations of the rebuilding and repair of the bodywork

Originality Breeds Contempt

I am aiming to rebuild the car with as many 'original specification' parts as possible. As I find them, I will post them here. 

Favourite Links

A few people and companies who have helped so far

under construction